Electronics and Software Engineering

MINCK Business Services

MBS enables the integration of advanced features and capabilities into smart appliances.

We develop the software and hardware that controls and manages various aspects of appliances, such as temperature control, user interface, scheduling, and remote operation. Our algorithms and software has logic that can take into account factors such as user preferences, usage patterns, and energy-saving modes.

Through intelligent control and automation we enhance the functionality, safety and user experience of the appliance, allowing for increased convenience and control.

Our Services


Electronic engineering digital and analog


Microprocessor software development


PC Software development


PCB design




Tester design


Reliability testing


Mechanical engineering


3D modelling


Project management


Quality control based on ISO 9001

Our People

Jan Minck is the Managing Director and Head Engineer of MBS Pty Ltd.

Our customers are medium to large Australian manufacturers. We are the partner who adds the sophisticated electronics to your product.

About the Director

More than 26 years experience developing electronic hardware and software, embedded systems for computer, automotive, medical and consumer market. Formal background in electronic engineering. Jan holds a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Computer Science (cHTS Hilversum The Netherlands)


  • System development
  • Embedded electronics design
  • Programming
  • Prototyping
  • Automated test systems
  • Quality Systems

Before founding MBS Pty Ltd, Jan worked with a number of high profile and multi-national companies:

Development Engineer
NCR Corporation

Instrument Design Engineer
Royal Dutch Academy of Science (Hubrecht Lab.)

Electronics Engineer
Siemens Gammasonics (Uithoorn, The Netherlands)

Multinational clients include:

Hubrecht lab

Britax Rainsfords
Lear Seating
General Motors Holden
Krix Loudspeakers
Opto Global
ELWA Hot water systems

Jan Minck