Electronics and Software Engineer

Project: Jan Minck Heating Controller

Building regulations require multi-dwelling apartments in Europe to reduce their carbon emissions. Heating is a significant contributor to these emissions, and smart hot water heaters are able to deliver the water efficiently and safely.

MBS works with South Australian manufacturer, ELWA, to deliver smart hot water heaters to apartments in The Netherlands.

A heat pump in the basement delivers instant 40 degree Celsius hot water to 250 apartments. Legionella bacteria thrive in 40 degree water, creating a risk to the apartment dwellers of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

A weekly 10minute boost to cycle 60 degree water through each hot water heater in each apartment kills the bacteria.

The smarts behind this 10minute cycle is delivered by an MBS engineered system heating controller. The controller

  • Identifies the best time for that apartment’s hot water system to undertake the safety cycle
  • Triggers the safety cycle to be undertaken each week
  • Has a fail safe mechanism stopping the cycle should the apartment dweller turn on the hot water mid-cycle
  • Triggers a 2nd and 3rd attempt, should the first attempt fail
  • Reports on the success or failure of the safety cycle
  • Transmits the record of cycles to the cloud based control centre