Electronics and Software Engineer

Project: Electric Hot Water System Heating Controller

Minck Business Services specialises in smart hot water system heating controllers. The controllers have sophisticated automation and control mechanisms. This automation reduces energy consumption and the risk of Legionnaires’ disease compared to traditional hot water systems.

Building regulations require multi-dwelling apartments in Europe to reduce their carbon emissions. Heating is a significant contributor to these emissions.

MBS works with South Australian manufacturer, ELWA, to deliver smart hot water heaters to apartments in Europe.

Hot water heating systems using smart automation have reduced energy consumption and thereby carbon emissions, satisfying the European energy efficiency directive.

Hot water systems can increase the risk of Legionnaires’ disease by providing an environment where this bacteria thrives. Not only has the smart system reduced carbon emisisons, it has also reduced the risk of Legionnaires’ diseaase through a sophisticated heating and timing cycle.

Through a sophisticated automation process MBS has delivered a safe and effective control system for the hot water systems in multi-dwelling apartments in Europe.